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Mistake #1: Someone Will Read This

My first drafts of the novel that nearly wasn’t had the same slapdash sense of panic I felt ...
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Mistake 6: Three Spaces of Story

One of my favorite comic book series was called Planetary. It’s still called Planetary, I’m just having issues ...
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Mistake 2: Can You See Your Protagonist?

I wrote eighteen drafts of my first, real, live, going to finish this sucker if it kills me, ...
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Mistake 10: Enough – Villains and Antagonists

In Draft No. 4 by John McPhee, he mentions the process of greening. Greening is what other writers ...
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Mistake 8: Talk Smart

There’s the work and then there’s talking about the work. I knew an artist who dropped out of ...
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Mistake 7: Three Levels of “About”

Every story that sticks with you has the same three layers. The first layer is the story the ...