Black lives matter.

Police brutality cannot be tolerated in a functional society.

Representation matters, in media that is created, media that is consumed, and in all facets of life. I’m writing this a few miles from a city that I love, but one that has a troubled history with racial inequality. Not troubled. Appalling.

This is a city that once admitted to maintaining a black site on American soil for American citizens to be held without due process where they were interrogated with techniques used at Guantanamo. More information is available in this article at The Atlantic.

We are being crushed under the weight of racial inequality even if you think it does not impact your life. It does. And even if you believe you have not felt that weight, it is our duty to stand together.

Below are some resources I have turned to or discovered from posters on Twitter, Instagram, and through online searches as I struggle to find a way to help.

Equal Justice Initiative

Chicago Community Bond Fund

You can find a bond fund near you by searching for bail bond fund or bail bond and your nearest metro or state name. The Community Justice Exchange site has a good list.

This article on Rolling Stone has a list of resources.

This article on Fast Company has links to donate to BLM, get involved with a chapter near you, and petitions to sign to demand justice for George Floyd.

This is the link for the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter.


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